My name is Olga Kuznetsova.
I am an iconpainter from St. Petersburg and I am happy to welcome all visitors to this site. Here you will find a little information about me and my work.

Since childhood I have been attracted to the wonderful world of colors, but if someone had told me then that I would become an iconpainter I would not have believed it at all. Yet it was almost right after my second birth - the sacrament of Baptism - that my life was miraculously connected to icons and iconpainting.

I was blessed by the priest that baptized me to enter the Iconpainting School of St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).
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There, by putting me in the class of Sergey Ivanovich Golubev, an outstanding russian restorer and iconpainter, the Lord gave me a Teacher (I am intentionally writing this word with a big T) when I joined Sergey Ivanovich dedicated all his life to studying, preserving and, above all, contemplating icons.

Step by step, as we were progressing as students of iconpainting, he lifted the mystic veil over the meaning of the icon. He taught us to try and see the way ancient iconpainters rendered with color the Light of the Truth, the unseen spiritual reality.

The modern man sees the icon as a kind of illustration and often does not understand the inner symbolic structures that compose it. However, every icon is a nonverbal and exact expression of the Orthodox faith.

The very word "icon" was used by the Holy Fathers as a theological term that described the seen world in its relation to the unseen reality.

The icon possesses the spiritual information which exceeds regular powers of the mind and is given to the viewer in a direct and unobstructed manner.

The Ladder
of Divine Ascent,

>The Ladder of Divine Ascent, 30x40cm, 2011, wooden panel, gesso, egg tempera, gold leafs, lacque

Icon The Saviour Enthroned, Iconostasis of the Church of St.John Theologian, St.Petersburg Theologian Academy
The icon is a window into the world of life eternal, and is situatied, to quote S.S. Averintsev, "at the point where the onthological border is crossed and deleted by the event of Christ's incarnation".

Till the end of my days I will keep the fondest memory of my Teacher. As time goes by, the years of my apprenticeship under his guidance feel more and more like God's mercy of a very special kind. I pray that in my work the true understanding of the Church image will be manifested.

May our Lord keep you and bless you!

Икона Спаситель на престоле
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